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Context's Creed

Following are some of the ways the team at Context Solutions is walking its talk, working to make a difference in our communities and around the world.

Uganda Orphans
There are nearly 150 million orphans on Earth today.  Where can we even begin to address this problem?  We’re starting with 300 of the neediest; helping to provide shelter, food, medicine & books.  Context has actively partnered in this ongoing work for over 20 years.  And our rich partnership continues with a innovative new medicinal herb project, designed to help both the orphans and their communities right where they live.

The Other 99 Percent
Beyond today’s headlines, this movement points to some of the frustrations and fears of disillusioned middle class Americans.  Beyond political persuasion, economic philosophy or religious perspective, many Americans have taken a hard look at their current circumstances and found them seriously wanting.  Context is helping to create local programs that encourage people back into positive, productive social and economic relationships within their own communities.           

Veterans With PTSD
Regardless of how we might feel about war, America’s veterans returning from active duty deserve our respect and support.  Many, perhaps most, come home with wounds that can’t be easily seen.  Context is working on a project to develop a Veteran’s Alternative Healing Center, an innovative new approach to handling the difficult issues related to PTSD.

Animal Cruelty
Every day, countless thousands of captive animals are beaten or seriously neglected by their caretakers.  And crime statistics show a strong correlation between animal abuse & domestic violence.  Context actively partners to support animal cruelty investigations and rescue.  And we’re helping a nationally recognized animal rescue organization to significantly expand their operations, by building another desperately needed animal sanctuary.

Wiki Health
Many of the worlds’ poorest have no access to health care services. But they can get to the Internet. So leadership at Context is developing a new wiki health site – designed to disseminate the best natural health care, nutrition & wellness advice.  Wiki Health will include how-to information on planting self-propagating medicinal herbs and preparing herbal supplements, as well as low-cost, sustainable, local health improvement solutions.

Imagine living life surrounded by people who consider you so unworthy of respect that they refuse to touch you. There are 150 million ‘untouchables’ living in India, who we believe deserve our respect and a helping hand.  Context is helping to multiply the impact of local Indian NGO’s by increasing their U.S. counterparts’ fundraising efforts.           

Kids Off the Streets
Many factors can drive a young person onto the streets.  But how can we best help them get off the streets and back on track?  Context is partnering to create a new model, where kids graduating from rehab programs can find a secure and safe place to live while they attend vocational school and get practical work experience.  All of which helps build a foundation for a hopeful future.

Wiki Business
Micro-finance has transformed countless thousands of lives worldwide. But what comes after? Most of these new entrepreneurs have little or no access to the direction they need as they’re businesses mature. Where are they to get information appropriate to their needs and in a language they can understand?  Context is partnering to create a wiki business site, to provide practical, world-class advice and information to anyone who can access the Web.           

We’d love to hear from you.

What are you doing to change YOUR world?  Please share with us both what you’re passionate about, and how you’re living your values.  What contribution are you making?  What legacy do you want to leave?  And make sure to tell us what else you need to move forward with even more power in the future.






Context Solutions is walking its talk, working to make a difference in our communities and around the world.